Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Day Job

by Kevin on August 10, 2012

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In my experience, research, and discussions with people in this industry, one thing I have heard over and over again.  Direct selling is something that both can be and really should be part time, especially for those who are just starting out or are continuing to grow their business.  That begs the question – is there a time when it makes sense  to actually quit?

Before I get into that, I just want to point out that both my wife, Michelle, and I enjoy our jobs, and as our business grows, neither of us have any plans to quit either of our jobs.  That is the beauty of this business.  You can build a business on the side while still excelling and growing in a job you enjoy.

There have many been times in my life I have been told not to quit my day job.  Maybe someone was referring to my amazing singing voice, my comic whit,  or my athletic prowess (a little sarcasm here).  Well actually, the statements were probably more in reference to my lack there of these things.

If you are thinking about quitting your job to pursue network marketing full-time, there may come a time that it might make sense.  Ask yourself if the problem is having a job or the job that you have.  If you hate going to work each, find a new job or find a way to make your current job shorter.  Life is too short.

You may get to a point that you have replaced the income of your job with your network marketing business.  When you get to that point, there are a few things I would recommend considering before leaving your job.

Stress Levels

Leaving your job will cause you to take on an element of risk.  Risk is a good thing when properly controlled.  No one gets very far without some level of risk.  With that said, there may be potential for unneeded stress.

What Michelle and I have found is that whether purchasing products or joining on as a business partner, people want to work with people that they feel are confident, self-assured, and relaxed.  Oddly, it is almost as if they do not want to work with people who need their business.

Additional stress from quitting a job too early can cause people to think that there is a need  or even desperation for their business.  This can actually repel  people and cause a vicious cycle  that further repels potential customers and business partners.

Pay Off Debt

If your goal is to eventually quit your job, one of the best things you can do is to use the two incomes to start paying off your debts.  Maybe I drank the Kool Aid while taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University because I really think there is truly a sense of peace that comes with paying down debt.

Having a job and a growing network marketing business gives you the chance to pay off debts quickly.  Get rid of all of your debts.  Credit cards. Students loans.  Car loans.  Home equity.  Pay it all off.  If you have all of your other debts  paid off start paying down the mortgage and build up an emergency fund.  Less debt or none at all will give you additional confidence in your business because it is a worry that will not occupy your mind.


As you get your debts paid off, start saving for an emergency fund.  At minimum, it is recommended to have three to six months of your expenses saved up after you have your debts paid down.  This whole process will be a lot easier with income from both your job and your business.

If you have debts and not much saved up, imagine the stress that would be wiped away from having no debts and a nice financial cushion in the bank.  You would have options open up, and your prospects and business partners would be able to to feed off of your confidence and self assuredness.

Invest Back Into the Business

Network marketing has the opportunity to be a business for people who treat it as just that, a business.  In any business there are costs for marketing and running the business.  Be smart about what you invest into the business while avoiding debt because sometimes you have to spend money to make money as the old adage goes.  The job makes it so that you can focus on investing properly back into the business without having to take on debt or making major sacrifices.

Invest in Yourself

It is said so many times that it almost might seem cliche that network marketing is a personal growth business.  The reality is that people say this so much because it is true.  You can benefit yourself with all kinds of developmental resources like books, audio courses, conferences, and reading blogs.

Some of these resources require money and the more money that you have available the more you can invest in yourself.

By following up with action to pay down debts, save up, and invest back into your business and yourself, you can actually make your job an asset in your network marketing success.


  • Michelle Sanderson

    When I first started network marketing, I was working a jam-packed FT job. It was a job a l truly loved but I put in a lot of hours, sometimes evenings and weekends. Adding direct sales in was not easy but it was worth it. To no fault of my own, I lost that job; thankfully, I had started building a foundation with my network marketing company. Everything fell into place when I was offered a nearly perfect part-time salaried job at a company I loved. And now I L-O-V-E working part-time without our family taking the financial hit! Between my PT hours and my network marketing income, I am the happiest, least-stressed I have been since…ever? I had a conversation with my coworker at my part-time job (she is PT too) and we both love that we are able to put in hours to contribute to our HH income AND be present for our kids. I love having something for myself and something for my family all packaged together. The best part is, my network marketing income continues to grow exponentially, so that income alone will allow us choices and options – and it will give me what I’ve always wanted for my family: to be present. Feeling very blessed indeed.

  • http://supportyourspouse.com/ Kevin Sanderson

    Thank you for sharing your story in your own words! It definitely helps convey the message of our site.