Why You Are More of an Expert Than You Think

by Kevin on September 12, 2012

image courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We are often guilty of not giving ourselves enough credit.  It can be easy to not go after our goals because there is more to learn or research.  There probably is a minimum amount of information that we need to work on a project or go after a goal.

The problem is that we oftentimes make that minimum of knowledge more than it needs to be.  The reality is that we often know more than we give ourselves credit for knowing.  In this article, we will discuss how you may be more of an expert than you realize.Are you comparing yourself to others too muchThere is a saying that in the mind of a third grader a fourth grader is amazing.  This means that the fourth grader is an expert in the eyes of those who have not yet achieved that same level (in this case, the third grader).

Far too often, we fail to realize how far we have come and focus on how much farther we have to go or focus too much on those ahead of us.  To use the fourth grader example, a fourth grader comparing themselves to a junior in high school can be overwhelming.  What they may not realize is that the junior in high school is probably looking up to or comparing themselves to the seniors or the college students.

What this analogy is saying is that there will always be people ahead of us and at the same time, those who look up to us.  Sure it is a good idea to get mentoring and leadership from those who have achieved more than us.  They have a lot to teach us.  However we should not focus on where the others are or how quickly they got there.  We are all running our own race.

We have so much to offer those who are wanting to be where we are.  We can help them.  We can mentor them.  We can provide all kinds of value to their growth and development simply by being confident and believing in how much we truly can offer.  Challenge yourself to focus on those who need and will benefit from your help.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Avoid procrastinating.  It has been said that there is more information in a weekday edition of the New York Times than the average person came across in a lifetime during the 17th century.  Beyond the New York Times there is an almost infinite access to information available to us at our fingertips just about whenever and wherever we want it.

The benefit to this much access to information is the possibilities for learning and development are almost limitless.  The problem is that it is also easy to get sucked into what can seem like an endless supply of information that makes our mind crave for more.

This craving for more information can simply come from the fact that we know it is out there.  It can become our mission to find it.  Although it can feel like a challenge to get the information and feel like an accomplishment when we do, the temptation to keep digging for more should be challenged.

When in doubt, the best form of learning is by action.  Action comes from confidence.  Confidence comes from knowledge.  The reality is that we already have more knowledge, have more to offer others, and can help more help than we realize. 

Don’t let your thirst for know prevent you from using the knowledge you already have to create actions that can benefit others who can learn from your knowledge.

What can you offer someone today?