What Is Direct Selling and Is It for You (and Your Spouse)?

by Kevin on July 1, 2012


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What is Direct Selling?

Basically, direct selling is a method of marketing a product in which sellers are compensated for selling a product(s) directly to consumers, and in some cases, they are also compensated for recruiting other sellers to help sell these products and receive compensation off of the sales of the sellers they recruited.

The Direct Selling Association recently published some facts about the direct selling industry in 2011, and here are some highlights that you may find interesting.

  • There were 15.6 million direct sellers in the United States who generated $29.87 billion in revenue.
  • 88.2 % of direct sellers worked their business part-time
  • Men are becoming more involved in direct selling.  In 2011, men represented 21.9% of direct sellers which is way up from only representing 13.6% in 2008.  Look out ladies, here we come :)

Sounds simple.  Actually it is very simple.  However, it is not always easy.  That is where having the support of a loving spouse can help a network marketer on the path to success.

There are similarities and marked differences between different companies in network marketing and direct selling (these terms are pretty much interchangeable for the purpose of this website).  If you are looking to join a company or your spouse is deciding whether or not make an investment in a company, there are a few things that you should look into when making your decision.

Benefits of Direct Selling

  • Extra Money –  First off, let me be clear on one point.  Direct selling is not a get rich quick scheme.  Once again, it is not a get rich quick scheme.  What it is a chance to earn some additional money on a part time basis on a flexible schedule.  Depending on what you want to get out the opportunity, the chances are there.  Enough money to pay your water bill.  Money for daycare. Holiday shopping money.  Replacement of one spouse’s income.  Financial freedom.  No matter what your goals, they are possible.  Just know that the bigger the financial goal, the more time and effort that is needed.  The key is to give yourself credit for your successes, and to be patient with yourself during the times when things do not go as quickly as you hope.  Believe me when I say that with belief, action, and perseverance, there will be times when things go a little faster than you had thought.
  • Personal Development –  Regardless of how self-confident and assured you are, this is a business that will take you out of your comfort zone.  Do not fear this fact.  Embrace it.  Embrace being on a little outside of your comfort zone in all aspects of your life.  Doing this will only make you a stronger person.  My wife and I both are stronger people, in a more fruitful relationship, and more confident about our future than we ever have been.  We owe a great deal of this to what we have learned in her network marketing business.
  • Networking – Yes network marketing will help you to meet new people and to connect with old friends.  The key is to let your business be more the kick in the pants to reach out to people because you know in your heart is the right thing to do more than reaching out to them because of an agenda to sell to them.  The most successful people in network marketing realize the more they put value out to those around them, the more value they get in return.  Try to help people, and you will be amazed at those who you find who want to help you.

If you are ready to jump into the exciting world of direct selling, go for it!  There is no perfect time.  Well, there actually is a fun saying that  fits perfectly in this scenario.  If you need shade now, the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, and if you did not plant a tree 10 years ago, there is not better time to plant the tree than now!

Best of luck in your network marketing and direct selling success!  I hope you will join our community by subscribing for updates or commenting on posts.