True Confessions: Why I Started Supporting My Network Marketer

by Kevin on July 1, 2012

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As I have mentioned in the About page of this blog, I was not sure what to think when my beautiful wife Michelle came home and told me that she wanted to join a network marketing company. Reluctantly I gave my blessing because I trusted my wife.

When she first started, I was uncomfortable really talking about it at home, and publicly, I might as well have been Switzerland because I was so neutral.  To be honest, I did not know what to think.  She was SO EXCITED about this opportunity and wanted to listen to these conference calls and go to these meetings where everyone was also SO EXCITED.

One day she dragged me to a meeting.  I heard the success stories from her company, and in the back of my head I had all these cynical, negative thoughts like “yeah right” and “we’ll never make any money off of this.”

As time went on, I realized that was dead wrong!  Here is what I started to notice:

  1. The checks were getting bigger…. Maybe the speakers at the event I had attended were right when they said it was a good opportunity and not some crazy get rich quick scheme.  What they described was coming true, this was becoming a good stream of income for our family and continues to steadily grow.
  2. My wife was getting more confident…. By no means was she or has she gotten arrogant about the business.  What I was seeing was with practice, she was getting better. What we found was true, genuine confidence in network marketing comes from a sincere desire to help others by trying to benefit their individual needs with either a product or an opportunity as well as just showing more interest in people when not trying to present an opportunity or product.  The true confidence has been coming from a spirit of servitude.
  3. People were starting to contact her….  She had developed a good reputation for herself, and people were taking notice.  After awhile, she was first getting people to contact her about products.  Then she started getting people contacting her about the opportunity.  In fact, she has signed up consultants who she never knew were interested until they contacted her.  Crazy fact, and please know this did not happen overnight.

Once I noticed this, I started being more outwardly supportive and less neutral.  When I did this, all of the above three seemed to magnify.

It seems to me that people view my support almost like a third party validation that adds credibility, and in many ways, I believe that people look for the true worthiness of a network marketing opportunity by looking for how engaged the spouse is in the business.  Think about, if you are a prospect, how can you take an intimately home based business opportunity seriously if one of the partners in the home of the person trying to sponsor you does not truly believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife does and also has done the heavy lifting in our business.  She deserves the bulk of the credit.  My support is simply a piece of her bigger puzzle of success.

I sat on the sidelines for too long, and possibly cost my family money by not being more positive in public about the opportunity. 

Don’t stay on the sidelines.  If your spouse is in network marketing, you are a piece of the puzzle that builds success.

Whether you are a network marketer or the spouse of a network marker, please share your thoughts and comments below.


  • Martha Martin

    Thank you So much for sharing!!! I’ve witnessed the shift in Michelle’s business as the shift occurred in you!! You are her pivotal strength in so many facets and now in this business as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I pray that many of us can be as blessed and see the shift occur in our families!!! Again, so grateful for you and especially for my friend Michelle!!! Love her so!!!

    • Kevin Sanderson

      Awww…Thank you for saying so Martha! Building a community on this site can be a step in the right to help others. Not everyone needs to create a website. It can all start simply with a little interest and caring in their partner’s business.