Opening Day

by Kevin on July 2, 2012

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Hello and welcome to!  This is the opening of this blog/site/whatever you prefer to call it.  My name is Kevin Sanderson, and my wife is the love of my life, confidant, and an amazing woman who deserves nothing but my best when it comes to love and support.

What is the story of this site?

She is one heck of a network marketer/direct seller (you will notice me use these words interchangeably), and I am very proud of what she has done.  Currently, she is an up and comer in her company, and her organization is ever growing.

When she first approached me about about joining a direct selling company (see, I use these words back and forth), I was hesitant.  All kinds of things came to mind that it was a pyramid, no one makes money, and the whole thing is a scam.  Even with these negative thoughts, I agreed to “let her join” (as if I had a choice).  In a very passive way, I provided support to my wife.  Not real support but a neutral, not getting in her way type of support.

Boy was I wrong!  As time went on, I became curious because things were starting to happen.  She was genuinely starting to get some traction.  People were interested.  The company and organization had integrity.  The checks were growing.  She needed my help.  I came to realize this was not just her business, but OUR BUSINESS.

OKAY!  What does this have to do with you?

If you are either in network marketing or considering a network opportunity or the spouse of someone who is, you can gain a lot of information about network marketing here.  One of the biggest takeaways I hope you get from this site is the fact that support is so important to success in network marketing.  The best type of support comes at home.

I have come to learn that I was in the way of my wife’s success in the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, I did not try to stop her, and there was no intention of mine against her success.  I was distinctly neutral.

The bottom line is my wife’s business, and if you are married, in network marketing, the business is a family business regardless of whose name is or isn’t on the business.  Each spouse is a partner and has a skin in the game.  There is a role for both parties in the success of the business.

This site is an opportunity to build a community of network marketing families to talk about ways to provide the support and learn more about this exciting industry.

What you can expect to get from this site?

  • Information about direct marketing
  • Articles to help you increase your success
  • What support is and how give as well as receive it
  • Direction for personal development that we have found helpful in our success
  • Chance to learn from our successes as well as from where we went wrong

Thank for you reading!  Look around the site and feel free to share any articles with your spouse, friends, prospects, and fellow network marketers if you feel that you or someone you know will benefit from reading.

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  • Regina Hyman

    Great job Kevin! Love this blog idea and you are right, you do have an amazing wife. You 2 are a great team, and I am sure your blog will help other husbands in the world to be a better support system to their wife. As well as give them useful knowledge about direct selling.

    • Kevin Sanderson

      Thank you Regina! Having a great wife makes a site like this much easier to push together. Your comments hit the nail right on the head of what this site is all about. We look forward to all the great things ahead in your business.

  • Marcus Sheridan

    Thrilled for you Kevin. Keep pushing and following that inspiration within you bud.



    • Kevin Sanderson

      Marcus! Thank you for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. You definitely back up everything you talk about!