Monthly Report – August 2012

by Kevin on September 5, 2012

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Even though this site has only been online for two months, it feels like just yesterday that we got the site up and running, and at the same time, it seems so long ago.

For those of you who have been here before, welcome back, and I truly thank you for stopping by.  As I mentioned last month, my goal is to report back to you, the members and readers of this community, on details of how the site is doing.

This is just the second monthly report of many that will outline how things are going.  Your feedback is appreciated.  Please leave a comment below to say what you think of the site and its message of support.

Special Thank You’s

First and foremost, thank you to my wife, Michelle.  I am lucky and blessed (and many other things) to have such a wonderful wife and partner in this world.  She continues to be the inspiration for this site.  I cannot thank her enough for her support.

There continues to be an overwhelming outpouring of positive feedback, and I have received a lot of great feedback that there have been people who have felt compelled enough to spread the message of the site either by sharing on social media or by forwarding a link to the site.

It has been humbling how many people have told me that they were referred by someone else.  This says that the message spoke to them enough to tell someone else.  Thank you to all of you who referred this site to someone.

An extra special thank you goes to Janine Finney, the co-author of the book The Flip Flop CEO, and her team for the public support of what this website is all about.  Janine and I both share a passion for the idea that we are all helping one another in this industry by doing our part to build a more positive perception of network marketing.

It is fitting to say that a rising tide raises all boats.  We can all be public relations representatives for this industry through our actions, words, and performing our business with integrity.  By doing so we will make this a more successful journey for everyone.

Site Improvements

When I first put the site out to the world, it was my goal to have a good quality site.   At the same time too, I wanted to leave some room for improvement.  Like any new adventure, there will be a lot of ideas and inspirations that come along the way.  This site has been no exception.

On the home screen, we added a picture of Michelle, our daughter, Lauren, and me together.  Hopefully this adds a touch of personality.  This site really started as a labor of love because of my desire to help spouses out there learn more about the business.

I added the picture because I want people to know that there really is a family behind this site with hopes and dreams.  Hopefully, together we (you, your family, and mine) get to continue to grow and learn on this journey towards success together.

In the sidebar, I have added buttons to link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I have received feedback from people that they wanted it to be easier to find on social media.  If you have not already, please follow the links and press “Follow” on Twitter or “Like” the Facebook page.

After each post, there are now buttons to share the post on social media.  Thank you to everyone who has shared on social media.  If you have never used share buttons, it is quite simple.  Just press the button for your preferred social media site, and you can share with your friends, family, and acquaintances on social media.  It is easy and a great way to help spread the message of supporting one’s spouse in the business.

Traffic finished August with 707 unique visitors (Google speak for individual people) compared to 222 unique visitors in July.  This is an astounding increase of over 200% more people visiting.

This would not have happened without the support of people in the community who helped to spread the message to others.  Again, this is humbling, and to those who helped to spread the message, THANK YOU!

August 2012 Traffic

The bottom line is that each unique visitor is not a statistic but a person with hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  In this busy world, it is an honor to know that you would spend part of your busy day to stop by this site.

Top Posts

Just like July, the homepage was the most visited page on the site in August.  Outside of the homepage, here were the ten most visited pages on the site during the month of August.

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Reach of the Message

The message of supporting your spouse in network marketing on this site was been viewed in 14 countries in August and 46 states including the District of Columbia.  It is no surprise to me that the top four countries to visit the site from last month– United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia – have remained the same.

However, I would like to give an extra special thank you to the folks “north of the border” – as we say in the U.S. about our friends in Canada.  Canada has not only become second for the most visits to this website.  Ontario is second only to my home state of Florida for the most visits if we were to break it down by state/province.

Regardless what country, state, or city you are viewing this message, I thank you for dropping by.

Most Visits in August 2012
(by country)


In conclusion, thank you for your belief in the message of SupportYourSpouse and for helping to spread the message.  This has been a successful second monthThank you so much for your support!  It is a blessing to have such wonderful readers like you.

If you have any feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts on how this site is doing below and any feedback on improving this site.