Is Network Marketing a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

by Kevin on August 1, 2012

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Network marketing has created many millionaires and six-figure earners.  Sometimes there is a perception that they got their easily or they basically won the lottery on their way to success.

Unfortunately, there are some in the business who almost gloss over the work and personal development that it takes to achieve true success.  This adds to the negative perception that some have that it is a get rich quick scheme.

So to answer the original question in the title of this post, I can attest that this is absolutely not a get rich quick scheme.  It is an opportunity to make varying levels of money over time.

If anyone tells you that this is a get rich quick scheme, run.  They are not presenting either the opportunity with integrity, are misguided, or just don’t get it.

What this profession is a legitimate business opportunity that gives you the chance to sell products directly and indirectly through a network of contacts that you develop.  In the truest sense, this business rewards performance on the ability to capitalize on your network.   Anyone looking to make a lot of money quickly without working is better off playing the lottery.

How has the business been for my family?

In all companies including my wife’s, there are examples of people who have achieved success relatively quickly.   However, I can tell you that even the “overnight successes” took many years and months.  At the end of the day, it does not matter because we are all doing the business at our own pace.

When my wife joined, she started out a little hesitant.  That was okay because she kept learning and developing the comfort level to confidently talk to people.  Over time, I have watched her blossom into a leader within her company who others look up to and want to emulate.  This has taken time and effort on her part.

Believe it or not, we did not earn a check from the business right away.  It took a couple of months.  As I have mentioned before I was skeptical at first, and the slow build up did not help.

Then it took a few months before she signed up her first consultant under her.  Many of her consultants that she has signed up have taken some time to get up and running just as she did.  That is okay.  There is not a limited pot of money that if you do not go after it right away, it will soon be gone.

If you learn anything from me, learn to be open-minded and patient.  The financial rewards are out there, and working as a team with your spouse can help get there.

With that said, the journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Before achieving some of the milestones along the way like getting the first sale, first paycheck, and first consultant, there is one major milestone that has first be achieved.  This milestone can be hardest for anyone looking to make it in this business and their spouses to overcome…..

You have to first take action and begin.

One common theme that I have heard over and over again with network marketers is that many wish they had started in the profession sooner.  It is a long race, and starting any later just delays the finish.  You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.

If you are in network marketing or considering network marketing, remember that you are competing with yourself.  Set lofty goals to achieve while keeping somewhat realistic expectations of how there are milestones to achieve along the way.  Even the overnight successes do not achieve success overnight.

I will close with a saying.  If you need to have more shade from a tree now the best time to have planted the tree was many years ago.  But if you have not already planted the tree you need for shade, the best time to plant it is now.


  • Inspired Minds Want to Grow

    I will second the “take action” part – that was actually a big part of my delay and the reason I didn’t earn a paycheck immediately. I entered the business at a very busy time in my professional & personal life and didn’t properly “launch” my business. But the moment I did, I started to earn money. And as stated above, from there, I started to earn but it was a slow process for me because of my confidence. For me, the first year was truly building a foundation – a foundation I built on a very PT basis and one which started to become profitable within about 6 months (expenses covered with a little extra). It became truly profitable by the end of my first year. Now watching the numbers each month is extremely exciting!! That first year can go by fast. In all of my career, I have never experienced “hard work pays off” like the type of hard work I have put in to this business. Worth every penny & second!!

    • Kevin Sanderson

      Michelle, You have done a great job building up your business and keeping the right expectations that this is a long term business that requires long term action. I am very proud of you!

      On a side note, congratulations on your promotion last month!

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