How to Select a Direct Selling Opportunity

by Kevin on July 1, 2012

If you are ready to enter the exciting world of Direct Selling, the first step is to determine what company you would like to do business with as a consultant, distributor, representative, or whatever the title.  Selecting a company is the first step on your journey.  The company you join on with will give you the training, tools, resources, and products that you need to be successful.

The decision of which company you join on with should be one that you are comfortable making.  The key is not to over think  the decision, but merely to focus on the right things.

Based on my wife’s experience and what I have learned, these are the main questions you should investigate when choosing a network marketing opportunity.

  • What is the product I would sell? – If you attend a presentation, know that every network marketing company has people full of passion about their product.  They will all say that they have the best, and in their minds, they genuinely believe it.  Before you take their word, see if you can start as a customer to try the product or ask if you can get a sample.  The bottom line is if you do not think you can get behind the product, you will not come across as genuine or passionate when you talk about the product or share the opportunity.
  • What is the reputation of the company? – Try to take any opinions you hear or read with a grain of salt if you have only heard from one or two people about a company regardless if their recommendations are positive or negative.   When looking at an opportunity, look at who has joined the company and what other businesses have the founders been involved in.  If anything, this can give you a glimpse into the type of character and integrity of those at the top.  Don’t underestimate the importance of integrity of those around you, at all levels!
  • What are the competitors of the company?  – I am not here to bash any company in network marketing.  But let’s face it, there are some crowded product categories out there with what seem like almost limitless companies selling an almost identical product.  If the company has a lot of competition, make sure that they have a good niche that they are able to go after as well as something that makes their product stand out in the crowd.  Otherwise, you could be up for a really uphill climb.
  • What is the company’s reputation in the media? – Whether through main stream media outlets like magazines and television or new media outlets like blogs and review sites, positive media coverage helps build the company’s brand and makes selling their products a lot easier for you and your team.
  • Are the products something customers would want to purchase over and over again? – In any business, you want repeat business.  You should look at whether or not there is a customer replenishment program or some sort of compelling loyalty program.  What you want to avoid is a situation where you would have to constantly find new customers because the product is something customers would buy and not need to replenish.  Most direct selling companies are good at finding a niche that would want to use the products over and over again.
  • Is the company a member of the Direct Selling Association?  – The Direct Selling Association (DSA) provides its members with a code of ethics that they must operate their business.  This helps give you, your customers, and prospects the peace of mind that the company you are working with has been validated by a third party source.  Check out the DSA website for a listing of members.  Also, check out if the company has won any awards with the DSA.
  • Who would be your sponsor? – This is a big one.  I cannot stress enough that this is very important.  Do not go with someone as a sponsor simply because they seem to have a personality that you mesh with.  This person is someone who will be your trainer, mentor, coach, confidant, and link to a support network within the company.  You need someone with good integrity and character and whose values align with yours.  In my opinion, this is just as important as the integrity of the leadership of the company.

After looking into answers to these questions, you want to find the best fit while resisting the temptation to find a perfect fit.  What you really want is the right fit for you.  There will always be pros and cons with any organization (speaking not just from a network marketing perspective here), and once you have what feels like a good fit, go for it.

There is no success in network marketing without action.  Take the next step on your journey to success and join the opportunity of your choosing!!

I would love to hear your thoughts below if you are currently searching for a network marketing opportunity or you can remember how you made your choice.