How to Handle Naysayers and Negative People

by Kevin on August 27, 2012

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Network marketing has many great benefits and has been an outlet for success and personal development for so many people (as well as their spouses).  Unfortunately, anything worth doing is going to have those who oppose doing it.  The famous artist Salvador Dali once said “The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of malcontents.”

In this article, we will discuss ways to empower yourself when dealing with naysayers.

From the moment someone joins on a network marketing company, they have decided to take action towards a goal and to do something to improve themselves.  This alone is a success and should be celebrated.  Everyone who takes this first step basically comes off the sideline and puts themselves out into the field of play.

Every athlete who has made the hall of fame of their sport has experienced critics and naysayers.  The bad news is that like hall of fame athletes, network marketers will experience critics and naysayers.  This can be frustrating.  The good news is having naysayers just means that someone is doing something that is remarkable enough for someone else to talk about and is simply a reality of the path to success.

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with any less than supportive people around you.

Understand Where They Are Coming From

In many situations, people think they are helping someone by “protecting” them from disappointment.  They think that somehow they can shield others from disappointment by keeping others within their own comfort zone.  If you know of people who are like this, don’t hold it against them.  Let them know what it is that you are passionate about in the business and give them the chance to understand your point.

After trying to educate them on the business, move on to a different subject if you are not able to break down their barriers of “protection.”  Sometimes you might even have to distance yourself from people if they are constantly bringing you down.

Be Confident In Yourself and What You Are Doing

If you are doing something that you believe in, don’t let anyone get you down.  Believe in yourself.  No one has gotten anywhere worth going to without first having the belief that they could get there.  You chose the path you are on because you saw potential in yourself and your opportunity.  That cannot be taken away by someone else.

When facing criticism from others, remember that no one can make up your mind or be allowed to influence you without your permission.  Confidence is sometimes like critic repellent.

Be Cautious of Whose Advice You Take

If you want to lose weight, talk to people who are in shape or who have lost weight, not people who complain about having gained weight.  If you want to be more spiritual, talk to spiritually rich people.  If you want to be happy, talk to happy people, not negative people.

Opinions and advice are two things that will never be in short supply.  If you are getting negative opinions from people, question whether or not they are really in a position to know what they are talking about.  Chances are they have limited understanding of the subject that might simply be based on what they heard from someone else who may also have limited knowledge.

Even if they do have personal experience in network marketing, ask yourself where their negative advice is coming from – did they fail at what they did or did they quit?  Many people forget that their past failures are not a predictor of someone else’s success.  In reality, the most successful people are the ones who failed along the way, which means that failures along the way area good thing as long as the go along with perseverance.

You Do Not Have to Convince Everyone

The good news is that some naysayers just don’t know any better, and there will be people who you will positively impact through your words, your actions, and simply because of who you are.  Down the road, people will thank you for what you have done to help them.

Unfortunately, not everyone will see it that way.  Network marketing is simple, but it is not necessarily easy.  If it was an easy get rich quick scenario everyone would do it.  That just means that the beauty of the business is left to those who are able to see it.

Whenever you are trying to get someone to better understand the business and feel like you are getting nowhere, be cordial and move on.  Your time is better spent either finding those who do get it or helping those who you have already sponsored.

Remember that No’s Get Us Closer to Yeses

In the book Beach Money, Jordan Adler talks about how he set goals for getting lots of no’s.  His reasoning was that each no just got him closer to another yes.  The best and most empowering part of this business is that there are more people out there who will see the value of being in the business.  They just need someone to show them.

Keeping failing forward, and realize that naysayers are really a tribute to your accomplishments.  People only talk about others who are worth talking about.

What do you do to deal with naysayers?