Four Things Network Marketing Gives You to Celebrate This Labor Day Weekend

by Kevin on August 29, 2012

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When we think of Labor Day, we think of heading back to school or taking a break from work to barbecue with family and friends.  Those are some great things to think about, and this Labor Day, let’s take one step past focusing on laboring at school or work and focus on our goals of where we want to go and who we want to become.

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend, we will focus on celebrating four of the goals and destinations that network marketing can offer to those who want to “labor” towards these paths.  Yes, I do use the word “labor” because the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.  With that said, network marketing is a labor of love because it can help you to arrive at your destination while working to improve yourself.

Whether you have a full-time job or do network marketing full-time, here are some great destinations that you can shoot for in network marketing.  Take a little time this weekend to celebration your goals, and your “labor” of love in setting the goals and going after them.  In this business, you can be at one of the destinations and decide that you want to take the leap to move towards another destination.  Success is not guaranteed and certainly is never final, but you get to be in the driver’s seat of where you want to go.

1.  Discounted Product (or Paying for Itself)

Many people get into the business because they simply found a great product that they like.  Taking on the business gives them either a product discount or the chance to make enough money to pay for their products.

If this is you, there are many of you out there.  Cheers to you!  You have found a product that makes you happy and adds value to your life, and you have proven to be an action-oriented person who is willing to work towards a goal.  Keep up the great work!

2.  Extra Money

A huge portion of people are looking to get something out of the business that will help them expand their lifestyle or make their lives easier.  The goal might be money to pay off debts, credit cards, and other loans (even mortgages).  Maybe the goal is to pay for something specific like private school, a car, babysitting, or vacation.  Some people want to use the money to get ahead and save to build for their future.

If you are in the category of someone looking to make some extra money, no matter what goal you are trying to reach be proud of the fact that you have show the ability to reach out of your comfort zone.  Chances are that you had a little liar named fear silently speaking to you telling you that you would not get to achieve what you wanted.  You did not listen, and you went for your goals.  Be proud of yourself and celebrate your journey!

3.  Full-Time (or Better) Income

There are many people who choose to pursue not only the opportunity to for products or extra money but to go after money to replace their income or even better.  Yes, there really are people who make full-time type money in this business, and some people even exceed their own wildest dreams.  They did not get there overnight, and they had to ignore some negative people (including their own personal fears) that warned them against setting their goals too high to avoid potential disappointment.

My wife and I are in the extra money category (and proud of the really nice extra money we pull in), and we are working hard towards getting Michelle into this category because we know she can do it (or should I say we will get her there together).

If you are making a full-time or better income, the network marketing community salutes you and looks to you for your leadership and mentoring.  You should be celebrated for your successes, and you would not have gotten to where you are if you had not helped a lot of people achieve their won successes along the way.  Thank you for what you have done.

4.  Intangibles

No matter what your financial goals are, you can achieve many intangibles from this business.  You can go after personal growth and achievement, and along the way you can achieve the freedom of being able to build your own business in your spare (or full) time.  Summing up all of the financial destinations and the intangible rewards, the common denominator is choice.

You get to choose what you want to pursue.  Best of all, there is nothing stopping you from reaching higher than you might have previously thought you could go.

During this journey, I have had the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people.  Recently, I have had the distinct pleasure of corresponding with Janine Finney who is the co-author of the well-regarded book The Flip Flop CEO.

We are aligned in our passion for helping you and the rest of the network marketing community to raise awareness of the positive opportunities that are available in this business, and she has certainly shown herself to be a kind, classy, and down-to-earth lady.

She and her daughter started their business together, and they are demonstrating that they were able to achieve the goals that they set out to get even while being skeptical at first.  If you have not heard of them, check out this video about their story.

As CEO’s of their own business (who get to where flip flops to work every day), they are celebrating the fact that this Labor Day is “Flip Flop Appreciation Day” to celebrate those who are working towards and living their dreams in network marketing.

Whether you are just starting out or a big-time Flip Flop CEO, this Labor Day Weekend stand tall and be proud of where you are and what you are working towards.  You have already shown that you are willing to go after what you want.  For that, you have earned the chance to celebrate!

What would you like to celebrate this weekend?  I would love to have you leave a comment below.

  • Totally Amazing Skin

    I really enjoyed this article and will be stopping back by your informative site! As a Flip Flop Ceo, I will be celebrating the freedom of time, financial freedom and
    most importantly, freedom to work around my life, rather than my life
    revolving around my work! #IHEARTRF

    • Kevin Sanderson

      Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you you enjoyed the article and look forward to welcoming you back again soon.