Four Reasons Why Direct Selling Success Is About the Journey Together With Your Spouse

by Kevin on August 21, 2012

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When my wife, Michelle, first started in direct selling, I really did not know how to describe the  business to people.  Many times I fumbled on describing the business to others because I was not comfortable in how to be connected wither her in the business.  In a way, I put the two of us each on an island separately.

You have probably heard the saying that “success is the journey.”  In this article, I will provide reasons why success is not only the journey but the journey together with your spouse.

Yes, success is very much the journey.  I cannot imagine anything worse than pouring your heart and soul into something that I did not enjoy just for the sake of reaching some destination.  Reaching the destination without focusing on the enjoyment and fulfillment of the journey just sounds empty and meaningless.

Even more so if I did not have my wife to share in the joys, sorrows, excitements, disappointments, and eventual successes along the way, the journey would not mean as much.

This journey should be enjoyed and here are some reasons why it is more fulfilling together.

1. Together Is Better Than Alone

We as humans are social creatures.  We want to be accepted and know that those around us are with us and not against us.  Simplistically isn’t it more fun to do things with someone else?

The joys of life and business are much better when you have someone that can relate to what it is that you are doing.  What better way to find a partner in a business like direct selling than to start at home?

2.  Support System

Direct selling does have many joys.  I would be lying if I said that there were no downfalls.  The business is tough, and there are down times.  The good news is that they can be managed through with a positive attitude.  By working together with your spouse, you can be a support system to help him or her keep up that positive attitude.

You do not need to be attached at the hip at everything going on in the business.  You just need to show support and show that you care.  It is amazing how lending a caring ear or giving a few encouraging words can go such a long way to help build your business while bringing you and your spouse closer together.  This makes the journey much more of a team effort.

3.  We All Want that Same Support In Return

Before I get into this, we really should be supportive out of the goodness of our hearts and genuinely want to work on the journey together without wanting anything in return.  With that being said, there are going to be times that you will want support for something you care about.  You are much more likely to receive that support if you are already showing support for something your spouse cares about.

As I write this, another fall of football season approaches, and one of my favorite hobbies (for lack of a better term) is to put on a black and white striped shirt, a whistle, and a yellow flag and officiate high school football.  There are times that the fans in the stadium do not agree with a call that I have made in the game.  I have learned to phase out the boos and yells from the fans.  Although, it is much easier to listen to if I know that there is a friendly supporter like my wife in the stands.

How can I expect her to come support me on my journey as a football official if I am not there supporting her on her journey with her business?

4.  Life Is Short

The sad reality is that we never really know when our last day will come.  It is easy to think that we will have time later to work together with our spouse or to find something down the road that can be done together.  That day may never come, which is why we should never give anything less than best especially to our loved ones.

No one wants to look back and imagine the what-ifs.  What would we have accomplished if we had done this together?  What it have brought us closer?  How much more successful would we have been?  Life is too short for the what-ifs and the maybe later.  Take today by the hand and ask your spouse how you can help make the journey together more fulfilling.