Five Videos That Helped Turnaround My Opinion of Network Marketing

by Kevin on July 18, 2012

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As I have mentioned before, I went from being a passive, not-so-supportive  husband to one that is now fully and publicly supportive of my wife’s network marketing business.  This was not an overnight journey for my opinion to turn around.  There were many factors that helped to lead me to turn around my opinion.

Part of what turned me around was doing research (which I love doing for some nerdy reason).  While doing online research, there were a few videos that stick out in my mind that really helped me better understand what network marketing was all about as well as the mindset of success needed.

These are simply videos with great content!  I am sharing these with you in the hopes that they can help you or your spouse better understand this business.Whenever you have some free time, check out one, some, or all of these videos.  Please know that I am by no means am I recommending or endorsing any particular business opportunity or way of thinking.

1.  Les Brown – He has an amazing story going from being labeled as “educably mentally retarded” in elementary school to becoming a highly sought after motivational speaker.  In this video, Les touches on the importance of setting goals and then takes it a step farther by talking about how to set those goals.

2.  Gabriel Sedlak -In full disclosure, Gabriel is a top notch leader in my wife’s company, Rodan+Fields Dermatologists.  I am sharing this video with you because he gives a general strategy and approach to network marketing in a very relaxed style that can help anyone in any company.  My wife and I have quoted this video many times in our talks about the business.   In my opinion, this is a must watch for anyone in network marketing, interested in joining, or the spouse of a network marketer.

3.  Jefferson Santos – This is a great interview video with a laid back style of a veteran network marketer.  In this video, Jefferson goes into candid detail about his successes and failures on his way to where he is now.  Coincidentally, Jefferson and I went to the same high school.  He may not remember me because it was a big high school, and he was an upperclassman.  Either way, this is a gem of a video because he talks a lot about his journey over several years, and I am truly passing this along because I believe in the overall message of what he talks about in the video.

4.  Randy Gage – If you have been around network marketing for awhile, you have probably heard of Randy Gage.  If not, check him out.  I regularly watch the videos on his YouTube channel.  This was the first of his videos that I watched.  He has an interesting take on success and the mindset of successful people.  The great thing about his videos is that you can relate to them even if you are not a network marketer and just want to take on a more successful mindset.

5.  Jim Rohn If you have a few minutes, this is definitely worth watching.  I really did save the best for last.  If you have not heard of Jim Rohn, he has influenced just about every great speaker today, including being the mentor who gave Anthony Robbins his start.  This particular video has a wealth of information given in Jim’s unique style over the course of about 15 minutes.  I watch this video about once a week and take a new golden nugget from it each time.  Absolutely power stuff…


Spouses:  First off thank you for coming here to learn more about this great business.  Do some looking around this site and the rest of the internet.  There are a lot of great resources out there.  This is a community that wants to see you and your spouse succeed.  What have you found?

Network marketers:  What resources do you use to learn more about the business?

  • Karen Clark

    Wow you’ve got some great samples here. This industry is full of thought leaders and transformational speakers and authors. I’ve always called direct sales a “personal growth industry” and it looks like you’re catching on to that. Great blog – wish something like this were around when I first started selling!
    PS: I love that you use Thesis – my favorite platform! It’s a fun learning curve isn’t it? :) Keep up the good work. I’ve subbed to both yours and your wife’s blogs!

    • Kevin Sanderson

      Thank you for the kind words Karen! This is certainly a personal growth industry, and I hope that this site can help add one more piece to the puzzle for others looking to grow themselves and their spouses in this industry.

      Thesis is great. It certainly had more of a learning curve than I had thought originally. The good news is that it there is a ton of info online on how to get it to customize the site.